A Listening Ear

One of the best ways to overcome a stressful situation is through talking. From time to time, it is important for us to feel heard, with out judgement but with full attention and understanding. Having someone to share our everyday concerns with allows us to get things off of our chest that may be bugging us. In doing this we dispel any potential long term build up of stress. Failure to talk about our problems, however small or silly they may seem will only prolong negative feelings, making it harder to find an effective solution.

We can gain a different perspective when we talk things out because after all everyone’s perspective is different. It can also get the ball rolling for us to open new doors; learning things about our selves that we never would have discovered if it hadn’t have been for that particular conversation. Sometimes we can unknowingly put on our tunnel-vision goggles and get so blind-sighted by our personal issues that we fail to see the obvious answers- that so often other people can offer for us! All we have to do is ask. There are lots of people willing to listen and by speaking our mind we speed up the process of self healing. As the saying goes… two heads are better than one.

Chakra Basics


The word chakra translates to wheel. They are our energy vortexes that correspond with different areas of our body. We have hundreds of these within our field but there are 7 main ones, which people who see auras view as spinning wheels of colour. These colours are that of the light spectrum we see in science: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue, indigo, violet.

1.The Root chakra- Located at the base of the spine near the sexual organs.
This red chakra relates to safety, security and survival. Furthermore it is our connection with the earth and our ability to provide life’s necessities such as money, food, shelter etc.

2.The Sacral Chakra- Located below the naval.
This is orange and controls sexual desires, our sexuality and creativity. It connects us to the male and female qualities within all of us and relates to our ability to give and receive pleasure/pain.

3.The Solar plexus Chakra- Located between the bases of the ribs, above the naval.
The solar plexus chakra is yellow and is associated with self-power, drive, will and ambition. This is how we present ourselves to the world and within our relationships which reflects our level of confidence and self-esteem.

4.The heart chakra- Located in the centre of the chest.
This is associated with green, but can also be pink. It is the middle ground between our 3 lower chakras and 3 higher chakras, you might say our perceived self and our true spirit. This is anchored with forgiveness and compassion for others and ourselves. To be able to empathise and unconditionally love.

5.The Throat chakra- Located at the throat, around the neck area.
This blue chakra deals with true self-expression, the ability to tell the truth and have integrity, communication and the ability to speak out in order to attain our dreams.

6.The brow/third eye chakra- Located between the eyebrows.
This is the colour indigo and governs intuition, clairvoyance and extrasensory gifts, along with acting as a portal to wisdom and awareness.

7.Crown chakra- Located at the crown of the head.
This has been depicted by a halo and has a few colour connotations: violet, white or purple. It concerns Spirit, the connection to god through enlightenment. The crown chakra also relates to fulfillment of ecstasy, peace, selflessness and humanitarianism.

Having balanced chakras means a healthy lifestyle in all areas of life. Imbalances can be portrayed through dissatisfaction in the above areas of life or physical symptoms. A common one is having a cough due to the throat chakra being out of alignment. In order to achieve all round well-being focusing on all of our chakras, as opposed to just one, will be more effective.

There are lots of different exercises we can do to keep our chakras in balance and functioning properly, such as: carrying a crystal that resonates with a particular chakra whenever a deficiency is present, wearing colours or eating foods to stimulate the chakras, meditations, different yoga exercises and so much more!

Visualisations through meditation


So often we become fixated on our problems, holding negative focus and thus experiencing even more unwanted obstacles. There is a simple yet powerful method we can use to assist us a great deal in manifesting the things we actually want from life.

When watching a horror movie, we accept that what we are seeing on the television screen is not actually happening directly, yet we still take on the physical symptoms of fear; we get caught up in the horror, almost believing that it is real, causing our hearts to beat faster; making us jump or hide behind the cushion! Evidently, our mind does not know the difference between reality and the imagination.

If we recall a funny memory it can conjure feelings of happiness or laughter. If we imagine what it would feel like to lose a loved one it can have a huge impact. I’ve woken up before crying from a dream in which someone close to me had died! According to the brain, as long as we are thinking it, it is happening and therefore can be portrayed right through to the physical aspect.

There is a lovely story I like to tell that demonstrates this law of attraction in action. I meditated for 10 minutes on the idea of receiving a penny in someway. How it got to me was unimportant. I just visualised the texture, the colour, the smell, the temperature and how I would feel when I received it. Then I went about my days actually expecting to receive this special penny. Surely enough about a week later my mum’s partner and his son had been out treasure hunting and had brought back with them a handful of pennies- different shapes, colours and sizes!

This is a great exercise to do just for fun. Using a mundane object (such as a penny) was more effective for me because I didn’t have any resistance towards receiving that penny, (if I had done this exercise with a £1000,000 mansion in mind, the result might have been a  different one!)

In addition, as follows is a general meditation that can be applied to an array of scenarios e.g. agitation, frustration, anxiousness… you name it:

Close your eyes, clear your mind and breathe deeply and slowly, focusing only on the breath as you do so.

Visualise you’re sitting peacefully in a beautiful meadow.

You’re surrounded by an abundance of green and the sky is a blanket of blue tranquility.

Your face and the rest of your body are absorbing the Sun’s warming and comforting rays.

Continue to breathe deeply, releasing any tension that your body is feeling.

On the inhalation, imagine breathing in calm, positive energy; literally inhale the Sunshine, filling your body with this glowing light.

Do this until you feel a change in sensation.

With practice these types of visualisations become clearer in your mind’s eye and can be accessed as useful tools in stressful situations.

This specific meditation is also good to do when the weather is a bit drab and uplift in spirit is in order!

Amazing biz + life


This workbook really inspired me and many others who use it. http://www.amazingbizandlifeacademy.com

Teenagers are often asked “What do you want to be when you’re older?” As a teenager myself, not long ago I would have found this question quite a daunting one. And it is… not everyone is fortunate enough to be blessed with the answer at such a young age. At what age does this question seize to be asked? I think the question should, instead, be “What do you do?” because there is no age limit on our true calling in life.

The conventional ways of career progression in today’s society i.e. going to school, going to college, going to university and then into the workplace only prolongs the procrastination of fulfilling our dreams- unless of course this is what you want to do. So what makes someone who they are? What is it that determines what profession someone is?

I believe I am a writer, photographer, singer, counselor, therapist and probably many other things, but I have no documentation or certificate  to prove so. The proof is my internal knowing and what I feel in my heart.

It wasn’t so long ago that I would really struggle with this question. I thought, well eventually I want to work for myself and I want to have some sort of business that dedicates its services to the well-being of others and I’m not sure what, exactly, or how to get there but hopefully it will just happen. Wow that all seemed so confusing and even hopeless at times. I was dipping in and out of many areas of study and was going to college even though I was unsure of what I wanted to ‘be’. But sure enough the answer was there all along; I was just going the wrong way about how to access it.

The answer came only when I started to work on, and question myself. Although my exterior may have seemed in fine condition and fully functioning, I still had a long way to go. Realising that I am not fully healed, encourages me to dedicate my time to healing and growing as a person. This is when life got really exciting (though challenging at times) because I learned  to question my beliefs and discover new things about myself that I never knew before.

The mainstream school system doesn’t actually teach children that self development (working on our own sense of happiness and reducing our stress levels) can ease the pressure on such scary questions like: What do you want to be? Do you have a job? Are you going to university? I think this needs to be changed. My aim is to reach as many young people as possible and increase the awareness of how easy it can be, and should be, to reach our heart’s desires and ambitions.

For me, just beginning this journey has allowed me to live more and more in my heart space rather than my head space. Living in the heart space, in effect, opens the door to our heart’s desires. For most people this typically looks like success, wealth, good relationships, passion and happiness . Even though some of these things may take time to manifest physically; acknowledging that all of these positive traits is who we truly are takes a huge weight off of our shoulders. I don’t have a huge amount of money right now and some of my relationships could be improved, but I accept that this isn’t actually me, my spirit. In order to achieve these true desires I strive to become the best version of myself, and then I can simply await receipt.

Relax, Induldge and Love


Are you taking preventative steps towards your health? Some form of stress causes the root cause of nearly all disease. By managing stress levels, we can reduce the risk of illness. Take time out to reduce stress by relaxing, indulging and loving yourself. Take a bath instead of a shower, listen to jazz music, meditate, go for a massage or walk in nature. Most importantly of all, do what makes you happy!

Tidy House, Tidy Mind

Montserrat Mountain, Home to the Monks

Montserrat Mountain, Home to the Monks

Everything in our external world is a manifestation of how we are feeling and how we are feeling is a reflection of our external world.
I have a lot of little clear outs every year and yet I still seem to hoard onto things that I never use. My most recent clear out was the biggest yet. For me it really signifies my current transformation. Lately, I have become much more focused and optimistic on what my goals are, a feeling that I’ve never had before; this inevitably called for a massive clear out. I seemed to improve overnight; exactly how my room did when I got rid of all the junk. It was as easy as that. As well as being clearer headed, I feel more confident, more energetic and less anxious.

If we hold onto possessions that don’t serve us anymore, we are most likely holding onto things in our mind (emotions/beliefs) that don’t serve us anymore either. Everything in our external world is a manifestation of how we are feeling and how we are feeling is a reflection of our external world. The belief that I held that no longer served me (emotional baggage) was that I am unorganised, unmotivated and unsure of where I want to go. After challenging this belief and getting rid of old books, clothes and everything else (material baggage) my external world is tidier; enabling me to stay in this positive mindset.

So my conclusion is this: removing clutter eventually happens naturally to all of us but putting conscious effort into it helps speed the process of self improvement. Getting rid of the stuff externally is a way of creating balance internally. If you are ever experiencing trouble with overcoming an unhelpful belief, moving forward or anticipating a shift, get rid of the rubbish! It brings about great change, is truly refreshing and can be a huge relief. The other bonus is you can make some extra cash or give to someone less fortunate than yourself. Everyone’s a winner!

Wear what ye will

A whole lot of clothes

The Guy in the Suit
When I studied at college I had a friend who turned up in a suit most days, whilst everyone else would be in their average, everyday attire. When asked why he wore the suit he simply said “because it looks nice and smart”. His peers regarded this as quite odd. It is only now that I ask myself why we thought this was so strange. It is only now that I realise we can learn a lot from the guy in the suit and he probably had it right.

It came to my attention not so long ago that sometimes I would wake up on a morning and stay in my pyjamas all day. This often happens when I am fed up, only encouraging and prolonging my state of hopelessness. I noticed that once I made the effort to change out of my pyjamas and put on my favourite dress and my cherished gold caftan, I suddenly felt uplifted and it changed my outlook. I made a promise to myself that I would consciously decide to put on clothes on a morning that empower me, rather than stay in my pyjamas, or choose an outfit that I don’t actually feel great in.

I then realised that I was frequently wearing clothes on a daily basis that I didn’t feel expressed who I truly am. In actuality I really enjoy wearing dresses yet I always assumed it would be inappropriate to wear them if, for instance, I was simply visiting a friend at her house. So I asked myself… “Who says dresses should only be worn at an important event or in the summer?” I further explored my relationship with clothes and observed that sometimes I look at the inside of my wardrobe and stare aimlessly as if searching for Narnia; my mornings can be hindered with the struggle to decide on what to wear; I can find myself feeling uncomfortable with the clothes I’m in, either practically speaking or just not really liking the style.  I thought “It would be great to easily choose and wear any outfit, in any given setting, that expresses who I truly am without having the fear of being judged by other people”. Something needed to change.

This lead to contemplations and questionings such as: why do we wear certain clothes and why do we judge people on what they wear? The summary of my pondering is a term I like to call clothes therapy; understanding that being aware of how making simple changes to how we think about clothes and what we wear, can help us a great deal.

The Naked Truth
The basic function of wearing clothes is to cover up our bodies.  On a more non-practical and spiritual level we wear clothes to express our individualism; to say to people “this is who I am”, without even opening our mouths. Having the ability to decide what clothes we wear holds the potential for us to unleash the artist within us, the canvas being our bodies. We want our artwork to be appreciated and acknowledged by others. Well why wouldn’t we? It is a reflection of us.

When we are not in touch with ourselves and are living externally (by this I mean living for other people and societal expectations) it is reflected in everything we do- what we think, what we say and you guessed it- what we wear.

If we accept that what we wear is a representation of ourselves, then it would be reasonable to assume that other people will judge our image. Imagine, just by someone looking at our clothes they gain insight into that which we are! The primary principle regarding clothes therapy is related to judgement, or more relevantly the removal of it. Once we detach from inhibited ways of living and accept everyone as extensions of source energy we can come to appreciate our own and other people’s ways of being. After all, appreciation is essential to the art of healing.

If someone wears high heels because it reinforces their preconceived sense of femininity or because they feel empowered when appearing taller; this is good because it is beneficial to that person. But if someone wears them merely for the fact that it’s considered sexy when, honestly, they’d much rather be kicking back in a pair of trainers- it becomes a problem because it is detrimental and unfair to suppress our true identity. Another example of this sort of suppression could be the fact that men tend to wear dull colours. Is this because it would be easier to wear black than be subject to  judgement related to wearing brighter colours? Or is it because they are attracted to the healing qualities associated with the colour black (motivation, youth, head strength). I offer these examples purely to supply food for thought.

Furthermore, colour plays a huge role in the clothes we wear. Colour is a fraction of a spectrum of light and we know that light is energy. It is obvious then that colours hold vibrations, just like anything. We can utilise the properties of colours to compliment our well-being. We are drawn towards colours that we need. So if we have a deficiency in self confidence we might decide to wear yellow which compliments the solar plexus chakra that deals with self esteem; (I will write more on chakras and colours in the near future). Once we are aware of this it will become second nature for us to consciously notice which colours we are choosing to wear. Look at what colours you are wearing right now and think about how it suggests the way you were feeling when you got dressed today.

Once the issue of judgement has been addressed we can begin to acknowledge the correlation between the clothes we wear and our mood. If we’re going somewhere extra special or are excited about a certain event we tend to dress nicely for it and look our best- hence our apparel reflects our mood and vice versa. This poses the question… why shouldn’t everywhere we go and all of our clothes be extra special? If we are feeling down and out one week we might rarely change out of our pyjamas, which only keeps us stuck in a bad place. This is not to say that wearing pyjamas is a bad thing, however. Everyone needs relaxation time and for a lot of people wearing pajamas feels comforting and is the best way to do this. But It’s no surprise then that by simply changing what we wear we can boost our energy levels, thus increasing positivity and therefore healing.

Clothes Therapy in Action
1.Figure out what kind of clothes resonate best with you.
I love loosely fitted clothes as I feel free and relaxed in them. I also love dresses because I feel they encapsulate my preconceived recognition of my own femininity.

2.Get rid of any clothes that don’t fit the criteria of your preferred clothing type.
I regularly clear out my wardrobe and it feels so refreshing because I only ever own outfits that I love which also helps me in choosing what to wear, especially as I can be quite indecisive!

3.Try to have a range of colours in your wardrobe.
I often find myself wearing light/pastel colours, but having a range of colours in my wardrobe means that I can wear whatever colour I am in need of that day.

4. Have one item of clothing that symbolises comfort for you and, when worn, instantly embodies your true self.
Mine is a beautifully laced gold caftan and when I put it on I always feel 10 times happier and lighter.

5. Own a pair of red underwear to keep you grounded.
Red stimulates the root chakra (located at the base of the spine), which increases our connection with the Earth and the 3rd dimensional reality.

6. Take time out to really dress up.
Going to a fancy dress party or making something out of old material helps us to let loose, have fun and be creative.

7. Complement people on an item of their clothing and accept complements graciously.
I try to do this at least once a day. By doing this we are saying that we appreciate other people’s self-expression and accept both their style and creativity, which will most likely be reciprocated.

8. If you wouldn’t wear it right now- give it away.
Giving clothes away to people less fortunate than our selves is also a great benefit in itself and having a clear out is always helpful!

Get Out There!

Enjoying a lovely  Summer afternoon

Enjoying a lovely Summer afternoon

Getting out and reconnecting with nature can help us appreciate the beauty of life.


Embracing the Cycles

2013 Moon Calender

2013 Moon Calender

An important lesson that Mother Nature teaches us is the need for cycles and balance. There will always be a continual flow of life force energy pulsing through and within everything in existence- this expresses itself physically through occurrences in nature- one of which being a cycle. We realise that these cycles (such as the water cycle, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle etc.) are a necessary, repetitive and progressive aspect of nature. Nothing can deny these from happening- they just are.

Therefore, this means we need to understand that cycles within a human are also innate and just as imperative, how ever mundane they may seem in comparison. The need to make mistakes in order to improve, the need to suffer in order to strengthen… This reflects another fundamental expression of source energy- balance. We experience cycles in order to achieve balance, equilibrium.

We can learn to be non-judgemental of the cycles we go through and accept them as truth. There are no mistakes to be made through the challenges we face. Everything we come across should be and can be of benefit to us in some way. The sooner we start living by this the sooner we will connect with others and ourselves.

A Delicious Fruity Smoothie Cocktail

A smoothie I concocted earlier today

A smoothie I concocted earlier today

Serves 2
-1 Banana
-1 Pealed peach
-Handful of blueberries
-6 Regular sized strawberries
-Chop them up and blend
-Add Ice and enjoy!


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